EDGE (Middle School Program, Grades 5-8)

EDGE is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program. It provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.

Weekly sessions include games, activities, small group discussions and prayer- all centered on a theme for the semester. There are also overnight and day retreats scheduled throughout the year.

The goal at St Rose EDGE is to provide an opportunity for our Middle School youth to navigate this time in their lives in a community that uplifts and supports them through the gift that is our Catholic faith.

Youth Core Team Member (EDGE and Life Teen)

A Core Team Member assists in providing an engaging program of catechesis for our youth through EDGE for middle school youth and Life Teen for high school teens. The Core Team member facilitates small group discussions and other activities related to the topic of the evening, and may offer personal witness or teachings on a topic to which they are called. The Core Team is asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled session to help set up and participate in the team meeting. Core Team members also take part in various team meetings, facilitate retreats, and chaperone outings.

What will EDGE look like this year?

EDGE Transition will be held on two Mondays of each month at 4:30pm in the Church Office

EDGE program will be held one time monthly on Sunday from 2:00-3:00pm in the Church, with one Sunday of Adoration with Matt. Mask will be required. Social distancing and hand sanitizing will take place.

Sacrament Preparation for Grades 6-12 will be held two times monthly in person with one virtual lesson.

In Person Class Set up and Safety Measures

  • There will be 6 tables that measure 6’ long with one chair at each long end.
  • A plexiglass divider will be placed in the center of the table running the width.
  • Children will come in the front door, have temperature taken, sanitize hands and be seated with 5-6 ft of physical distancing provided.
  • Once class is finished, the children will proceed to the “back door”, sanitize their hands, exit through the back, & with an adult, walk around to the front to be picked up by parents.
  • All tables, chairs & restrooms will be cleaned & disinfected before and after classes.