Thanking God for Missing Spears

02-20-2022StewardshipTracy Earl Welliver, MTS

Imagine how Saul must have felt when he awoke from his sleep and saw his spear missing from its resting place. Now imagine how he felt when he realized that the person who had it was the same person seeking his life - and there he sat, safe and sound. Now there’s a day you don’t forget your morning prayers.

I think if we look, we can all find a “missing spear moment” in our lives, when it hits us right in the gut that God has kept us safe from an impending disaster. This can be physical disaster, sure - but more commonly, I think it is spiritual disaster. Often the salvation comes through the gift of a person, or people, through whom God reveals His mercy.

When I was in high school, I had a circle of friends who were really into their faith. We were all in youth ministry together, and the bond we shared taught me a lesson that changed me as a person: we become those with whom we associate. I can look back now, all these years later, and see that these people are evidence of God’s hand in my life.

Take a look at your life. In whose love has God shown you comfort? By whose hand has God brought you closer to Him, or kept you away from harm? Through whose friendship has God shaped you into the person you are?

Let’s strive to remember to thank God for these people - and to thank them, too.