Children's Ministry: Preschool - 4th Grade

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church offers quality religious education (RE) programs for grades Preschool to Grade 5. We provide a systematic faith formation program taught to the children at an age-appropriate level. It is expanded upon each year as they develop their ability to comprehend and practice their faith. We offer Sacrament preparation through our RE programs.

What will RE look like this year?

This year at St. Rose we will be utilizing Family Catechesis along with the hybrid model. As you know, the hybrid model refers to classes where there are planned in person classes as well as online learning. Below is the outline of our program:

We will not be offering a Preschool program this year.

Kindergarten, 1st and 4th grade – Family Catechesis & Zoom

  • Each registered family will receive a program syllabus, family instruction materials, and a book where required
  • We will also include activity/craft materials designated in the lesson
  • You will be asked to participate in a monthly ZOOM meeting that will review and tie up the lessons, as well as answer any outstanding questions. (Time: 1 hr)

Sacrament Preparation – Reconciliation/Confirmation/First Eucharist

  • Two classes will be held in person monthly, while one will be virtual (ZOOM) – (Time: 1 hr)
  • In person classes will be in the main room of the Parish Office with 12 kids only

In Person Class Set up and Safety Measures

  • There will be 6 tables that measure 6’ long with one chair at each long end.
  • A plexiglass divider will be placed in the center of the table running the width.
  • Children will come in the front door, have temperature taken, sanitize hands and be seated with 5-6 ft of physical distancing provided.
  • Once class is finished, the children will proceed to the “back door”, sanitize their hands, exit through the back, & with an adult, walk around to the front to be picked up by parents.
  • All tables, chairs & restrooms will be cleaned & disinfected before and after classes.

Our program is divided into three groups:

Preschool – PreK (ages 3-5)

This program is Christ-Centered and Child-Focused and is anchored with Child/Family Activity Sheets that are simply and easily connected to real life. The emphasis is on building a relationship with God and one another and an understanding God's great love for us.

Kindergarten – 4th Grade

This program invites the children to hear God’s invitation to a personal relationship through His Word, helps them to discover and learn the Church’s teaching, and teaches them how to live as Catholic disciples. We emphasize our relationship with one another through church community life. We also help parents form their children in areas of moral development, prayer life and liturgical formation and practice.

Please visit the RE Registration webpage for more information.

Elementary RE Lead & Substitute Teachers and Class Assistants

Under the direction of, and with the assistance of, the Coordinator of Religious Education, Lead Religious Education teachers prepare and conduct lessons for children from preschool age through fifth grade. A Catechism of the Catholic Church, teacher’s manual, syllabus, and other resources are provided to aid in lesson planning.

Substitute Teachers fill in for Lead Teachers or Class Assistants who cannot be present for a particular class day. Pre-planned lesson materials are provided. Class Assistants help to implement the lessons, take attendance, and manage paperwork and may also work with children on activities designed to help them understand the content of the lesson.

Teachers and assistants must be 16 years or older. They are persons of Faith who love the Lord and have a desire to hand on the Faith to children. Throughout the year, teachers and assistants work with students in approximately sixteen 1 1⁄4 hour classes, and participate in catechetical formation training sessions. RE classes are held weekly from September through May and there are also catechetical formation and planning sessions.